ROW80 Check-In


ROW80LogocopySo after a great start to my writing week, with 2 over-quota days, I kind of lost it at the end of the week.

Thursday I started on the first chapter of my WIP and struggled with it a bit. I ended up hiding my head in the sand of research rather than writing, so I only netted 1229 words on the actual WIP.

Friday was a poor writing day as well, not so much from the lack of inspiration, but because I got locked out of the house for about an hour and a half. In the snow.

You see, the knob on our back door has been broken for a week or so where sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. That day it did not. I knew it was finicky, and so left the door cracked open when I took the dogs out, but it was a particularly windy day and the door blew shut. I tried for a while to twist the knob until it caught because that sometimes worked, but that day it did not. Then I walked around the house trying windows, but they were all closed up tight because, you know, winter. This was all with our smallest dog tucked inside my coat, by the way. Finally I conceded that I was not going to get back into the house on my own, so I went to the neighbor’s house to ask to use their phone. Our neighbor was super awesome and let me use their phone and computer to try and contact my husband who was at work. I left a message and sent an email, but he was not responding. After about 20 minutes I called another department where he works and a very nice coworker of his managed to track him down and send him home to help me.

Right after I got off the phone with the nice coworker telling me my husband was on his way, the landlady who lives across the way from us pulled into her driveway. I decided to ask her for the spare key rather than wait for my husband because my other 2 dogs were still out in the cold (they are medium sized dogs, one very furry, the other wearing a sweater, so they were okay out there, but I still felt bad).  Alas, she couldn’t locate it and so came over to our house with a container full of mystery keys to try. It took awhile, but eventually the right key was found and the big dogs and I were happy to be back in the house. Then, literally 1 minute after we were back in the house, my husband made it home. We left shortly after to go buy a new knob for the door.

Friday word count: 1175.

But, even though my second 2 writing days turned out badly, the first 2 writing days were very productive, so I still met my weekly quota of 10,000 words which is more important than the daily goals. ROW80 week 1 word count: 10067.

Today I will baking up a batch of Chocolate-Covered Cherry Delights as a thank you for everyone who helped me out.

See how my fellow ROW80ers did in week 1 here.

4 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In

  1. Ergh, I know all too well the fun times of getting locked out of the house. It does just completely throw you off for the rest of the day. At least you’d already made some good progress earlier in the week.

    Those chocolate-covered cherry delights look amazing, I may have to bookmark the page and give them a go myself.

    • Yeah, it definitely sucked, but the worst part was imposing on the neighbors. I felt super bad about that hence the cookies. They turned out really yummy, though I think next time I’ll add some of the cherry juice directly to the batter as well. Or maybe some kirschwasser :)

  2. It is no fun to get locked out of the house!

    On the other hand, you got a new doorknob, the dogs presumably got warm again, and all turned out well…with a good story and a happy (and tasty) ending…

    And you got your words in…I love those days where I reach higher than my aim, because they do offset the other, lower than I wished days…

    May your doors work as planned, and your progress continue for the rest of the round!

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